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At CL Trucking & Excavating we care about our community

Chad grew up in Ionia and Ionia is where CLTE was born and bred. Over 70 families are employed at CL Trucking and most are local to Ionia or live in the surrounding cities and villages. CLTE does its part to give back to the community that has given him, his company, and his employees so much. Here are some ways in which CLTE has helped and supported others.


  • Aj Ward, a fellow employee, races IMCA modified racing, and Chad is a feign for racing sponsors his racing team. AJ races at I-96 Speedway, Crystal Speedway, as well as travels out of state. Look for the black car #20!

  • Scott Baker, a local Ionian, is also sponsored by Cl Trucking and races often at Crystal Speedway, find him in the red and blue #13 car!

  • Casey Smith, a young man out of Portland who used to race alongside Chad's sons, is also sponsored by Cl Trucking. You can find Casey racing his IMCA Modified Car. 



Every summer Chad takes a trip to the Ionia Free Fair which happens around late July. Chad growing up in FFA himself and his dad's role on the Fair's board has made him an avid supporter of the FFA. 

CLTE supports the FFA by bidding on and buying livestock that is auctioned off by young farmers. He then often gets the meat processed and gives most of the meat to his employees, friends, and family.

He also buys gallons of milk that help support the 4-H Dairy Club. As well as helped in excavating the foundation of a new dairy barn after the last one burnt down unexpectedly. 


CLTE also is an avid supporter of the Ionia School District. The company has volunteered its time with the Ionia Heartlands Depart to teach high school students about the career field of construction and excavation. CLTE has also participated in career day festivities by bringing large equipment for young elementary kids to enjoy and learn about.

CLTE has also been a sponsor for the youth sports teams in the past. Years ago, it was for Chad's children's teams, now it is for a fellow coworker, Garth Gorbys, son's team. 

Another way CLTE shows its support to the community is by participating in the annual Christmas Parade. CLTE lights up the parade with an extravagant light show decorating their fiery red dump trucks. 

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