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In 1993, Chad Listerman took a chance on himself and his future. Chad, a farmer boy all of his young life, had dabbled in aspects of excavation work during his time in high school and the years prior to opening CL Trucking and Excavating. He was passionate about being outside, working hard, and being a hands-on skillful young man. He enjoyed mechanic work-- from working on farm equipment often, as well as his avid love for trucks, go-carts, snowmobiles, and lawnmower pulling. He also attended classes at a local community college to gain skills in welding. Born from his knowledge of farming, mechanics, welding, and excavation he decided his future was to open his own trucking and excavation company. Thus CL Trucking and Excavating was born. But it wasn't that easy.

Chad began with a skid steer and a truck. Two pieces of machinery and one man, he knew it wasn't going to be an easy task. To help support his newfound business he still had to make ends meet. Chad worked two jobs. Every day Chad woke up at 5 a.m., sometimes 4, to head out to his factory mechanic job at Amway-- 45 minutes from Ionia. Then as soon as his shift was over he headed to the job site, sometimes not getting home until 12 a.m., a few hours before he would have to be up again to head back to Amway. Of course, Chad had his supporters-- his parents, Uncle Chuck, Grandma Gregory, and his then-girlfriend and future wife, Laura. But Chad persevered through and did it with strength, grit, and determination. Chad wanted CLTE  to be his future and he wanted that future to be a success. 

Chad met Laura Lepien while working at Amway prior to establishing CLTE. She was somehow intrigued by the blue-eyed farm boy and decided to give him a chance. Years later, through love and lessons, she became his confidant, partner, and in 1995-- his wife. She helped him every step of the way through his constant cycles of work, work, work, and Laura herself turned out to be quite the match for the determined, hard-working young Chad. This created the duo that CLTE was born from, raised from, and now thrives from.  28 years later: 70 employees, 3 sand and gravel pits, hundreds of equipment later-- he did it, they did it. Cl Trucking and Excavating did it.


In 1998, Chad and Laura's first child was born. Elizabeth was born 3 years after CL Trucking was founded and by then it was beginning its ascent toward success. That same year they built their first house, where they still live today. 2 years later, Colin was born, and 3 years after that Cole. Colin and Cole grew up having the same interests as their Dad, cars, and racing was in their blood. The farming-- not so much. Sprinkle in some sports instead, and those are the Listerman boys. Colin and Cole have been working for their dad ever since they were able to and Elizabeth works behind the scenes whenever and wherever needed. Elizabeth has chosen a career towards writing and/or the restaurant business, while Colin has chosen to follow in his father's footsteps--  attending Ferris State University to learn business as he continues to work at CLTE so that maybe someday he can be the new "C" in CL Trucking. Cole has just started his path toward college and career decisions. Maybe one day he will decide he wants in on the family business too. Chad can only dream. 

Chad has many people to thank for their continued support through his crazy, bumpy-- ultimately successful journey. His mentor, Uncle, and friend, Chuck, will forever be his greatest comrade. Someone he looked up to and learned from greatly throughout his years. His Grandma Gregory for believing in his future and offering up anything she could to help him get there. His mother for her love and support even in the toughest of times. His father for pushing him, as well as helping him on the job site --whether it be heckling fellow coworkers or taking his place at Keiffer Pit by being the go-to loader operator. His brother-in-law, John, for being his right-hand man and someone that he can constantly count on. His sisters for their optimism and constant reassurance. His in-laws for believing in him. Finally, his wife and kids for always being there when he comes home and being proud of him every single day. Cl Trucking was built on family, and at Cl Tucking you have one. 

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Our Values


CLTE prides itself by being a reliable, knowledgeable, and well-respected company. With each project, big or small, CLTE strives to meet your expectations and exceed them by providing quality work, meeting deadlines, giving professional and honest advice, and by being a model of good behavior and extreme work ethic. 


Safety is the number one priority for CL Trucking. Whether that be for the safety of the employees, customers, or community-- CLTE works with expert precision and keen observation so that they may proceed with caution in every aspect of their work. 


CLTE is a equal opportunity employer and strives to create a workplace environment that is friendly, diverse, helpful, honest, and values integrity and family. At CLTE, your crew becomes your community. The company is carried on the backs of those who treat their fellow co-workers with  the upmost respect, as well as make it a point to be a teamplayer on and off the jobsite.

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